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Trevor Ellse

I’ve fished for as long as I can remember. Sea fishing at the age of 4 with my dad catching the abundant cod shoals that used to inhabit the south coast every winter.

Then the local canal, again with my Dad introducing me to the world of course fishing, by the mid-sixties the so-called carp fever struck me, since then I’ve fished all over Europe winter and summer for Carp.

I had my own column in Carp-Talk for several years called the ‘Kent Grapevine’, I now write blogs on my web site at CarpfishingHQ. I have also run a non-profit syndicate carp water for nearly forty years. I fished Mid Kent fisheries waters since the start & am now working with the team there helping out with new syndicate waters.

I met Allan Parbery in 97 on the Der on one of our French adventures, we immediately hit it off sharing the same views about our beloved sport. I’ve used and caught some amazing carp on Mistral Baits since our first meeting all those years ago.

I’m really pleased to be joining the team at Mistral. Since taking early retirement a few years ago I’ve caught many UK forties and carp to nearly sixty in France, many of them to the amazing rosehip isotonic and belachan baits from Mistral.


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