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Bruce McCarlie

I started fishing at the age of 7 and from the off I set myself the challenge of catching a specimen fish. I remember my first chub over 5.5lb very well (I was just 11 years old!), and catching “that” fish that everyone talks about, but never gets seen, has been a lifelong goal for me.

Soon, I became a teenager and I passed my driving test! This opened up the doors for me to be able to travel and follow what I loved most, which at the time was carp fishing. I’d travel to Cuttlemill most weekends preying to pull out Pontoon. At that time, I desperately wanted to catch a 20lb carp, and unfortunately Cuttlemill failed me.

After many disappointing sessions, missing out on that all-elusive 20lber, I joined a new syndicate called Foxholes Fisheries, which had been stocked with a Trent mirror, that was around 19lb. It became my challenge to catch it. After endless days and nights spent by the lakeside, I eventually landed this fish, and became the first person to pull out a 20lb carp from the lake at 20lb 40oz. I could go on forever but I'll skip to the present day! These early experiences of carp fishing have made such a lasting impression in my mind, that I am as passionate and motivated to catch big fish as I was in those early days.  I've now been fishing for 38 years, and I am a bailiff at Stanwick Lakes Fisheries. I also run their private syndicate water at Kislingbury.

It’s an honour to be a part of the Mistral Baits team, and I look forward to meeting some of you on the bank!

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How to approach busy venues with Bruce McCarlie

How to approach busy venues with Bruce McCarlie

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