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The Essentials

All the extra baits you need to ensure you have a successful days fishing.

Power Spray

Mistral’s power sprays have been developed...

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Power Sprays New
Price: £4.99
View Power Spray

Paste - 200ml

Acclaimed as the best on the market...

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Atlantic Crab Paste New
Price: £4.99
View Paste - 200ml

Salted Hard Hookers - 200ml

Our new salted hard hook baits are...

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Salted Hard Hookers Group
Price: £7.99
View Salted Hard Hookers - 200ml

Pink pop ups

Washed out pink , super buoyant in great flavours.

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Pink Pop Ups Group 12mm
Price: £3.99
View Pink pop ups

Bait Soak Syrups - 1 litre

Four new bait soak syrups all available in...

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Bait Soak Syrup group
Price: £12.99
View Bait Soak Syrups - 1 litre


Pellets are available in 4mm & 8mm.

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Pellets Group
Price: £4.99
View Pellets

Stick Mixes

All Mistral stick mixes have great ingredients included in them...

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Stick Mix Range
Price: £3.99
View Stick Mixes

Groundbait - 900g

Four great groundbaits which all have superb...

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Coconut ice groundbait
Price: £3.60
View Groundbait - 900g

Hempseed - 325g

Superb cooked hempseed...

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Cooked Hemp
Price: £2.99
View Hempseed - 325g

Mini Ten Pellets

A blend of over ten different pellets...

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Maxi Ten Pellets
Price: £4.99 - £23.95
View Mini Ten Pellets

Maxi Ten Pellets

Larger 6-11 mm mixed pellets.

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Maxi Ten Pellets
Price: £4.99 - £23.95
View Maxi Ten Pellets

Mini Pop Ups

These tiny 6mm mini pop ups are extremely...

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Rosehip mini popups
Price: £6.99
View Mini Pop Ups

Skinned Hooker Pellets - 200ml

These are soft, hookable pellets that sink very...

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Skinned Hooker Pellets
Price: £3.99
View Skinned Hooker Pellets - 200ml

Pop Up Mixes - 550ml

Pop up mixes are ideal for those who want ...

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Fluorescent Pop Up Mix Yellow
Price: £5.99
View Pop Up Mixes - 550ml

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