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Charlie Luckham

I started fishing at a young age on various rivers and small day ticket lakes in Dorset, usually for anything I could catch, but this soon changed to as I couldn’t help my love for catching carp and would end up targeting these only.

I have always been in to fishing small day ticket waters. The mysteriousness about it excites me, with the sheer fact that you don’t always know what you going to catch, and I still get the odd surprise now.

Another reason is that a lot of people, including myself, simply can’t justify paying extortionate money and waiting lengthy times to fish a syndicate lake.  Plus the excitement can be just the same on small, commercial day ticket fisheries.

I feel because of this I represent the typical angler, and do fishing for what I have always wanted to do it for – FUN, though I always fish with seriousness to my approach. I work full time and fishing is limited to weekends, evenings and holiday time. It was through fishing that I got my job, so fishing will always be a part of me.

Watching and learning from ‘Back Of The Landing Net’, I was soon using Mistral Baits and watching my catch rate increase. I was honoured when ask to be a part of ‘BOTLN’, hosting with Jay and showing what I can really do in the field of fishing, and when asked to be a part of Team Mistral, it was a dream come true.

Following the success of Back Of The Landing Net, we are now producing another blog called “Reel Carpy”. A shorter, snappier blog, that we feel will keep viewers watching what we do and how we do it, and enjoying the odd surprise along the way.

To be using and to be associated with quality baits that Mistral produce is an honour and I can only put some of the fish I’ve caught today, down to using Mistral Baits.

My current PB is a 29lb 1oz Common Carp caught using Mistral Baits Rosehip Isotonic.

Tight Lines!


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