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Bob Roberts

Some folk endorse baits for money, some because it's fashionable and one or two may even do it because they catch fish. As a long standing friend of Allan's (Mr Mistral!) you might feel I'm biased. I am, but possibly for different reasons to those you might expect. I've used Mistral baits regularly for ten years and will continue to do so because I know and have seen what goes into them. There is and never will be any compromise on quality and that's all that matters to me.

I don't get paid to use them, I am not tied to an exclusive deal, I just use them because they work. Having appeared regularly in newspapers, magazines, DVDs and on TV for the past 20 years I need to have total faith in my baits. Allan's baits give me that faith.

When you see my articles in Improve Your Coarse Fishing, Coarse Fisherman and elsewhere and you see I'm using Mistral baits that's because I AM using them. They're not in the photographs just for effect and I don't get paid £50 or whatever per plug like some. They're simply there because I've used them that day to catch the fish you see.

This year I hope to be fishing for barbel, chub, tench and carp with a few rudd, bream and roach thrown in for good measure. I expect Mistral Baits to play a role in the successes I may enjoy.



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