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Spike Harrison

I have been fishing for 30+ years, it must have been in my genes as my grandfather was the renowned angler Cyril Inwood whose methods influenced past greats including Dick Walker. I never did get to fish with him as he died whilst I was young. However he passed on his knowledge to my father who passed it on to me - well I hope anyway. Like most people I started catching roach and perch then bream and tench before carp came into my life.

I caught quite a few locally before trying my hand at the famous Billing Aquadrome. I caught the biggest one we knew of there, yet there is still a presence about the place. Maybe one or two unknowns could still lurk the depths.

Luckily over the years I have met a few influential people who have in one way or another helped my angling career and opened up new waters, new methods and new baits for me. I started on the Mistral range some time around 1993, maybe earlier in fact. I caught a whole load of good fish on them, especially the Rosehip. However I was influenced by a known angler who persuaded me to join another bait company around 2013 and I persevered for several years before deciding I had to go back to Mistral in 2016. I caught fewer and smaller fish so who wouldn’t go back?

I generally fish for bigger carp and have caught many thirties and forties from the UK to a best of 49lbs. I have also fished in France, Belgium and several other European countries although I must admit to having a liking in catching big fish from Thailand where I have been quite successful. It is great to be back on the Rosehip - this year I am using the Rosehip Blanche and have already caught 6 twenties and 3 thirties in just three sessions. Roll on the big ones!


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