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Atlantic Crab Special Offer

Atlantic Crab Bait Bundle Special Offer

£89.99 - £159.95

10kg or 20kg, 15mm or 20mm shelf life or frozen boilies *
+1 pot washed out pink Atlantic crab pop ups
+1 pot Atlantic crab wafters
+1 Atlantic crab bait soak syrup
+ Free delivery

Only available in the UK ex Scotland, Channel Islands & Ireland.

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frozen atlantic crab 5kg

Atlantic Crab Frozen Boilies Special Offer

£35.00 for UK mainland orders only.

5kg of boilies available in 10mm or 12mm.

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Pink Pop Ups Group 12mm

New range of washed out pink pop ups

The Essentials

Price: £3.99

Washed out pink, super buoyant in great flavours.

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Stick Mix Range

New range of Stick Mixes

The Essentials

Price: £3.99

All Mistral stick mixes have great ingredients included in them. The base is crushed pellets with crumbed boilies with the addition of flaked cereals, real shrimps and freeze dried daphnia.

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Bait Soak Syrup group

New Range of Bait Soak Syrups

The Essentials

Price: £9.99

Four new bait soak syrups all available in 1litre containers.

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Salted Hard Hookers Group

New range of salted hard hook baits

The Essentials

Price: £7.99

Our new salted hard hook baits are only available in 15mm (as they harden they will reduce in diameter). These have been packed in Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, a well proven attractor where carp are concerned.

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Carp Bait Shop

After 31 years of making carp bait, our boilies are fully tested and produced to an extremely high standard.  Our range of carp bait includes the Instant Range, Essential Range and the Specialist Range, featuring the celebrated Rosehip Isotonic Boilies, meaning that there is a carp bait for all of your fishing needs.  Also, stocked in our bait shop is a range of barbel baits, endorsed by Bob Roberts.

Our online bait shop service currently provides shipping to addresses within Mainland UK and some European Countries. 
Select here for more information about our shipping fees >>>

Please call or email us if you require shipping to addresses outside of these countries.  Please note we are unable to accept orders under £10. We will endeavour to dispatch your order within 5 working days.  However, if an item is out of stock it may take longer.


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