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Leon Soudet

I have fished for carp for 35 years on all the Circuit Waters & Park Lakes around the Manchester area. My very first carp was a 24lb 12oz mirror called two tone at the age of 13 and up North back then it was a fantastic fish to catch especially for a young lad. Since then I made a life from keeping koi and also have four qualification/degrees from OATA for Fish Biology, Fish Healthcare, Water Quality and Filtration, so fish and keeping fish has been a big part of my life.

I remember the first time I tried the mighty Rosehip Isotonic baits going back years, it was a bait like no other at the time and I caught some great fish on them having 100% confidence in the bait I was using from Mistral so to come on board with such an Iconic bait making company as been a boyhood dream.

We all love our hobby and it should be treated as just that, enjoyment is key and fishing safe is something I like to promote especially to the younger generation of carp anglers.

Enjoy your time on the bank and go catch some fantastic fish that make memories and great friends too.


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