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Tim Wagner

I started fishing when I was 5 which was 37 years ago but more importantly I have spent the past 29 years in search of our beloved carp. One of my very first carp sessions in 1980 saw me catch three fish by design on a home made bait. The biggest fish was just over 24lb which was a big fish for then, that fish went on to become very famous indeed at over 50lbs now and called ‘The Pet.’

I have been lucky enough to fish some of the country’s best venues including Yateley, Horton, Kingsmead, Linch Hill and Wellington. Contrary to popular belief I actually hold down a full time job and only manage to fish a maximum of two nights per week which normally only results in an over nighter if I am honest.

This hasn’t stopped me catching some pretty big fish and I have gone on to land 18 English 40’s and over 200 30’s. My proudest time in carp fishing was catching 10 English 40’s within a year. I actually only spent a total of 62 nights on the bank that season, not a bad average, a 40 every sixth night. But you must remember, you can only catch what is swimming in the lake in front of you at that given time and I specifically target waters which hold big fish.

I am also a Director of The Carp Society, a position I have held for a number of years, and just like a couple of other Mistral Team Members I am also lucky enough to be a Wychwood Consultant.

I am really excited to become part of Team Mistral as I started carp fishing when we had to make our own bait. Although I have only been working with Allan Parbery for a short period of time we have already started to put a new bait together which will be on trial by the end of July and in the shops for 2010. Its very exciting to finally put a bait together and have all of the ingredients required at your disposal. This will be a first for this type of bait and both Allan and myself believe this is going to be a real winner and an all year round bait. Watch this space, this bait is going to be something special.

All the best and if I meet you on the bank please come and share a cuppa. Tim


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