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Mike Bampton

My first memories of fishing are way back in 1967 when my father bought me a ticket for Hall & Co later to become Cemex, fishing for bream, roach, tench etc and the winter months spent pike fishing.
By the time I was 15 I'd got a ticket for our local waters in Woking fishing the River Wey, Thames and the lakes in Send,my first taste of carp fishing.
Fishing all night under my green canvas brolly with plastic held on by clothes pegs round the outside, sitting upright in my bright orange recliner.
Back then it was hard to get accepted by the local lads fishing, nobody would speak to you, I felt like an outcast.  But every Friday after school I would tie all my fishing tackle onto my bike and cycle six miles to the lake.They soon relized I was serious and from than on would give me as much help and advice as I needed.  All these years later and I've just been made head baliff for Wasing fisheries.
My love for carp fishing has never faultered from my first carp a 12lb common to my recent capture of 'the parrot' at 64lb 6oz.
In over 40 years of carp fishing I've never been associated with any bait company but after meeting Tim Wagner and talking to Allan Parbery I was assured that Mistral Baits produced top quality boilies, I'm really happy and honoured to be part of the Mistral team.
If you see me on the bank please come over and say hello.
Tight lines Mike


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