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Lewis Cross

Remember that kid in school frantically fidgeting and tapping his feet simply bursting with excitement to leave? Well that was me when my passion for angling first came about. I will always remember the day I was picked up from school by my father, we headed to the local estate lake, so I could learn how to setup my new rod and catch roach, perch and bream.

For a long while I felt like a boy in a man’s world. However, after being introduced to a few local carp anglers my knowledge quickly developed and I started to travel to syndicate lakes where I was surrounded by a brilliant group of people who shared the same interest.

Becoming more and more interested I spent most of my free time on the bank, on the web researching and casting leads into my mother’s plant pots!

Years down the line my passion has only grown and I always aim to catch something “different” fishing a range of waters including estate lakes and syndicates.

Currently at age 18 I have a Personal best of 45Ibs 7oz and have captured several of my target fish with Mistral Baits, however I am not finished. I am on the bank most days and if I’m not fishing I’m baiting or drinking coffee with someone who is.

Mistral Baits have always been a massive part of my angling, quality baits that really are rich in nutrients and smell is something that I can assure you goes everywhere with me.

Looking into the future I have a number of target fish I have yet to catch. I also have a few trips lined up that I really am looking forward to, even more so with mistral baits on my side.

I am extremely excited to see what the future holds for me.

Tight lines and wet nets,

Lewis Cross


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