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Adam Adams

When I was asked to become a member of the Mistral Baits Team there was no hesitation it was a resounding yes, I am honoured to be associated with them.

I have been fishing since the age of 14 and will never forget my first fishing adventure. It was on a summer’s day with my Dad and older Brother. I cast out into the lake, knowing nothing about watercraft. I was just happy that it went out a few yards. I put my rod on its rest and then proceeded to walk off and get a sandwich. The next minute I turned around and my rod had been pulled from its rest and was slowly being pulled towards the lake. The adrenaline was like nothing else I had experienced. I pounced on my rod and with the help of my Dad I landed my first ever carp and from that moment on I got the carp bug.

Since that day carp fishing has become a way of life for me, it is hard to describe the feeling of fishing, the buzz you get when you get up at the crack of dawn armed with a flask of coffee and set off for the day ahead. I still get that excitement every time I go fishing. I have been lucky enough to fish some very special waters such as Redmire Pool and Burghfield Bluepool to name a few.

Mistral Baits is one of the longest running and the best manufacturers of boilies, to be working with them is unreal. I am a big lover of fishmeal's and the Atlantic Crab ticks all the boxes it really is an outstanding bait; with this combination I’m excited to see what the years ahead hold.

See you on the bank some time



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