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NEW Frozen Baits


Based on the incredibly successful MB1+, we’ve added a Milk B enhancer...

CM1 boilie
Price: £3.99 - £39.99
View CM1

Atlantic Crab

As its name suggests, Atlantic Crab is an out-and-out fishmeal bait, and is best kept well...

Atlantic crab boilie
Price: £3.99 - £39.99
View Atlantic Crab

Rosehip Isotonic

Rosehip Isotonic needs no introduction at all, having been the ‘go-to’ bait for countless anglers...

Rosehip Isotonic Boilies
Price: £3.99 - £39.99
View Rosehip Isotonic

Belachan Shrimp

Packed full of the highest quality ingredients like krill-meal, a complex blend of fishmeals...

Belachan Shrimp
Price: £3.99 - £39.99
View Belachan Shrimp

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